"No harm's done to history by making it something someone would want to read."

–David McCullough


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Historical Fiction

Into the Dark

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1939 – Into the Dark by Paula Phelan

A novel of historical fiction set in New York City during the year 1939. Jason Rothman a lesser known playwright has his first Broadway hit, a sitting room comedy, after years of writing socially relevant material. During work on his next play, starring Carole Lombard, he is painfully attuned to the events in Europe and distraught that no one else in New York seems to care.

His wife Miriam, an aspiring poet, realizes that her parents are trapped in Germany. Jason is torn between his need to ‘do something’ and his blossoming career as a writer. His good friend, Lillian Hellman, proves to be a valuable ally.

The story takes place over a twelve-month period when America reached its creative zenith in art and culture with New York as its focal point. It was a year of tumultuous change as the New Deal ended and the Second World War began. The book highlights little known historical events that shaped the future and is supported by a colorful cast of fictional characters that interact with historical figures of the day.

The first American edition of 1939 - Into The Dark.
Author: Paula Phelan
Country: U.S.A
Language: English
Genre(s): Novel
Publisher: ZAPmedia, New York, NY, (U.S.)
Released: September 2009 (first edition)
Pages: 243 pp
ISBN: ISBN 0-9778-1921-3