"No harm's done to history by making it something someone would want to read."

–David McCullough


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Historical Fiction

I sat down and read your book. I thought it was really good, had a great message and made me think about US history past. We are such a young, fragile nation and freedom can be scary. Freedom does not take away evil. It may even allow it more latitude because we give freedom to bad as well as good.

I am an equal rights person by nature. I hate being TOLD what to do. You did a wonderful job depicting life in the US just after WWI. It's only in a country like ours that unions, segregation, desegregation, women's rights can service. History shows us that people can be awful. Your book depicts that well. I loved the two families. AND I BOUGHT SEVERAL OF YOUR BOOKS TO GIVE OUT TO MY FRIENDS. You may have to do a signing here at the house.
Karen Ettinger

Thank you very much for a copy of your book.
My wife has already read through it and really enjoyed it. That in itself is a gift, as when I try to share a book with her, there is a 70% or so likelihood that she'll hate it! ;)

I'm just starting the book today, but so far (and I do read quickly), I'm really enjoying it. Very interesting to flash back in time while actually walking the streets of Boston on a daily basis - eerie even! I must say, if history was presented more like your writing in the American History classes in elementary school, I would have paid much more attention to the subject!

All told, I'm very impressed with your writing - it shows nice subtleties, and clearly a depth in the research you've done. Congratulations! I'm jealous of many authors, but particularly when they do a great job!
Dan Keldsen

completed your book while in Israel last week. I just returned Sunday night. It was terrific. I went to Amazon and gave it a 5 star rating! I also loaned it to my secretary who is an avid reader. You are really talented thanks for the great read! In my opinion it would make a really good screenplay, with Winton Marsalis music :-) Take care
Ian Browde - Nokia

Congratulations,. Its a great set of stories that pulls a lot of historic strands together. The characterizations are strong, and I never wondered who anyone was (my difficulty with, say, War and Peace). You kept a lot of balls in the air deftly.

When I was in my 20s, I spent some time cataloging the manuscripts of a woman who lived from 1870 to 1964, and remember 1919 as a curiously ambivalent time - after the war but before anything else and, as you portray, the curse of racial and ethnic hatred so prevalent in so many flavors. You also get the many ways people died or were in the wrong place at the wrong time, which is something our cosseted society has lost sight of. My woman also met Helen Keller and got a not back from her, but it was much less satisfactory than the one in your book! Katherine Day's family letters were less loving than the families that you portray, but then, they were letters.

It would make a good movie.
Anne McFarland

Your book arrived a few weeks ago I was so surprised. Didn't know you were an author as well as an artist (and many other things)you're so talented! I was totally clueless about the Molasses Disaster and that time in history, the story is fascinating. Apologies for my delay in writing; kept thinking I wanted to finish the book first. Thank you thank you!
All the best.

I appreciated the appearance of all the different  players. Tesla was unexpected. Thanks for the ride!
JD Glaser